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Portage Phone Issue

Our Portage location is experiencing some phone issues. Our phone company is working on this problem. If you are unable to connect with us, please call our Everhard location at (330) 492-1243. We apologize for [...]

Got Grubs?

Have you seen Beetles around?  Wonder why your lawn looks dead in areas? Tune is this Saturday at 10am to 640 WHLO to learn more about Grub Control and their Life Cycle

Herb of the Week – June 23rd

Herb of the Week - June 23rd Chocolate Mint Chocolate Mint smells and tastes amazing, like an after-dinner mint! It is great for recipes calling for a chocolate and minty flavor.  Mint likes full sun [...]

Herb of the Week – June 16th

Herb of the Week - June 16th 2018 French Tarragon This week we are featuring French Tarragon for our Herb of the Week.   French Tarragon is a perennial herb that is in the sunflower [...]