Step 2: Weed & Feed

Step 2: Weed & Feed

Do you follow the 4-step lawn program? If so, it’s time to apply Step 2 Weed & Feed.

Step 2 of the fertilization program is a weed & feed that contains fertilizer and a broadleaf weed control.

  • It is used in the control of dandelions and other listed broadleaf weeds.
  • It should be applied in late spring, no less than 30 days after the application of Step 1.
  • For the best results, Step 2 should be applied on a day with little wind to a moistened lawn (to help the product stick to the grass).
  • Do not apply Step 2 if rain is expected within 24 hours and refrain from watering the lawn until at least 24 hours after the application.

Always read and follow the product label before use.

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